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Funcionalidades de Llamada Entrante


AutoCLIP can redirect call to original extension. The S-Series PBX automatically stores information about outgoing calls to the AutoCLIP routing table. When a person calls back, the call will be routed directly to the original extension (e.g. receptionist) that made the former mentioned outgoing call. Learn more.

Call Forwarding

Allow an incoming call to a called party, which would be otherwise unavailable, to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated. It can be forwarded on different conditions such as “When Busy”, “No Answer”, or “Always”.

Call Parking

Allow users to “park” a phone call with a parking extension number, placing it on hold to be answered on a softphone or any other phone in the office. The caller is put on hold while users switch phones.

Call Pickup

Users in the same pickup group can pick up no-answering calls of other extensions without running to the ringing phones.

Call Routing

Set specific rules for each extension – for custom availability and where calls should be directed.

Call Waiting

Allow an extension user to receive another call when on the phone, so the user can answer important calls without missing it.

Caller ID

Caller ID displays information about the caller on the screen of Caller ID-enabled phone. Caller ID data is transmitted between the first and second rings. When a call is answered immediately after the first ring, caller ID may not be available.

Dial by Name

The callers can dial the name of an extension to connect to the corresponding extension.

DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

DID is the phone numbers associated with the extensions and it allows others to dial in. The callers can find their desired extensions directly by dialing DID numbers.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Block all calls when activated. If your phone does not support this feature, you can do it on Yeastar IPPBX.

Follow Me

Allow users to route their incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence, allowing each user to create a unique call flow and failover for their extension.


Allow inbound calls to a particular destination (e.g. Sales, Customer Service) to queue up while waiting for an available extension to take their calls. Better than being on hold, going to voicemail, or getting a busy tone. As soon as an extension of the queue is available, the “queued” calls will ring the phone.

Ring Group

Set a group of extensions into a ring group. When the callers call the ring group, all available extensions will ring simultaneously or sequentially (up to different ringing strategies).

Time Conditions

Time Conditions can be created and calls can be routed to different destinations at different time. Different inbound routes can use different Time Condition settings, so that you can control which phone line is available at different time periods. You can switch into different Time Conditions simply dialing the feature code on extension keypad. Learn more.

Funcionalidades para Colaboración


Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password protected conference calls.

Instant Meeting on Linkus

Linkus Mobile Client allows users to initiate an instant conference call and invite other participants to join. Up to 9 participants can be on the conference call. The initiator administrator will be able to perform mute/unmute, members add/delete, and other operations . This feature allows users to host and join ad-hoc conference calls anywhere anytime. Learn more.

Three-way Calling

Three-way calling is used to connect a third person to an existing two-way call. The calls on the Three-Way Calling can be made with internal extensions as well as outside callers.

Video Calls

Video calling is built right into Yeastar IP-PBX, so all you need is a video-capable phone. Yeastar IP-PBX supports the common video codecs H261, H263, H263P, H264 and MPEG4, and it works with a video-capable desk phone or soft phone that supported those video codecs.

Funcionalidades para Gestión

App Center

The App Center is built independent from the main framework of the S-Series PBX system, in order to make the installation and management of Apps easy and flexible. As an integral part of the S-Series Web interface, the App Center allows you to install, upgrade, and manage Apps (Linkus, VPN Server, LDAP Server, Conference Panel, etc.) designed for S-Series VoIP PBX without worrying about the firmware version. Learn more.

CDR (Call Detail Records)

CDR provides a record of all calls that have been made or received by users of the PBX. It is useful for billing purposes,  tracking call activity, diagnosing some PBX problems, etc.

Event Notification

S-Series PBX can monitor system events then send email notifications to the specified contacts. The administrator can add contacts to define where to send notifications. The system supports to send notification by email, call extension, call mobile, and SMS. Then when some anomalous events occur, S-Series PBX will notify the associated personnel through notification method immediately. Learn more.

Event Logs

Event logs allow administrator to monitor the anomalous operation, such as modifying administrator password. It also helps to check the telephony and system status instantly. Once the VoIP peer trunk registration failed or CPU overloaded, administrator can get notification and check more details in event message. Learn more.

Exporting/Importing Extensions

Yeastar IP-PBX highly speeds up the process of extension configuration. It can export all your existing extensions to .csv file in seconds and import a .csv file to create any number of extensions in a short time. Learn more.

Feature Code

Extension users can dial feature codes on their phones to use certain features. For example, you could use feature codes to make call transfer, enable and disable DND, etc.

Hot Standby

Two Yeastar IP-PBX could be optimized for use as a failover system which could provide rapid failover in the event of system failure. Once the active server failure is detected, all the telephony would be switched to the standby server automatically. Thus the downtime was kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the normal operation of all the functions for users. Learn more.


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a client-server protocol for accessing a directory service. It is used as a phone book on Yeastar IP-PBX so that you can search a key word from your IP phone. The key word can be a name, a mobile number, an email or other key words in the phonebook. Learn more.

Online Help

S-Series PBX provides specific online help as long as it connected to the internet. Online help explains each feature in detail and teaches you how to set up step by step. Learn more.

PBX Monitor

PBX Monitor is used to monitor the status of extensions, trunks, concurrent calls, conference. Administrators can go to PBX Monitor to check the real time status of the system. Learn more.

Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor is used to monitor the resource of your S-Series PBX. You can check the information of your PBX, network flow, performance and storage usage here. Learn more.

SLA (Shared Line Appearance)

SLA not only helps users share SIP trunks and FXO trunks, but also helps monitor the status of the shared lines. SLA feature works with BLF key on IP phones. For example, when an incoming call is received, all the SLA stations are informed of it and may join it if the shared line allows to barge in. When an outgoing call is made by one SLA station, all members shared with the same line are informed about the call, and will be blocked from this line appearance until the line goes back to idle or the call is put on hold. Learn more.

System Prompt

Yeastar S-Series ships with a US English prompt set by default. The system prompt supports 31 languages. you can update the system prompt from the cloud serve directly. Also, uploading system prompt from local PC is supported. Learn more.

User Permission

The system has one default administrator account, which is called Super Admin with the highest privileges. The system will automatically create user accounts when new extensions are created. By default, the extension users can log in the system and check their own settings and CDR. The Super Admin can grant more privileges for extension users, such as adding more features of extension settings, giving recordings permission, deciding what they can monitor, allowing what application it installs, etc. Learn more.

Web-based Control Panel

All system and phone settings are visible and can be changed via the Web configuration panel. Web-based user interface allows users with admin permissions to view and make universal changes to system settings on any browser anywhere with Internet connectivity. And individual extension users can log in to the extension control panel to customized their own extension configuration, like blacklist/whitelist, voicemail, password settings, route permission, and others.

Funcionalidades para Buzón de Voz & Fax

Fax to Email

With Fax to Email, you can send incoming fax as an attachment to an extension user’s email address. As a result,  no fax server or add additional phone line will be needed, and you can receive fax on the go. Learn more.


Associate a voicemail box with an extension, or use an announce-only voicemail box to provide customers with a pre-recorded message when they choose an option on an auto attendant or extension.

SMS to Email / Email to SMS

Thanks to the GSM/WCDMA connectivity on Yeastar IP-PBX, you could take full advantage of SMS feature of cellular networks. Yeastar IP-PBX will automatically transform the SMS received to the email format first, and then send the email to the target email address through the pre-configured system email. You could also send an email to the system to trigger a SMS sending. Learn more.

Voicemail to email

Send extension user’s voicemail messages to his/her email address. This helps users to receive voicemail audio file as an email attachment and quicken response time when out of office. Learn more.

Funcionalidades de Llamada Saliente

Attended Transfer

Transfer a call after notifying the desired party/extension. It is also called consult transfer.

BLF Support

BLF is short for Busy Lamp Field. It is a light on the IP phone that indicates the status of other extensions or trunks that are connected to your PBX.

Blind Transfer

Involve passing a call without notifying the desired party/extension. It is also known as unsupervised transfer or cold transfer. This can be done with your phone transfer key or Yeastar IPPBX feature code.

Call Back

Call back feature will hang up the callers and call them back to direct the callers to the selected destination. This feature is designed for users who are making calls from any international destination back to their home country.

DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)

DOD is the caller ID of associated extensions displayed when dialing out. You can bind one DOD number to one extension or one DOD number to multiple extensions. This feature can help callees to identify different extensions calling from one company to avoid unclearness.

Emergency Number

Emergency number feature is designed to allow the emergency call to go through a trunk at ANYTIME and trigger a notification. Learn more.

Music on Hold

Music played to callers while they are putting on hold. You can upload any .wav or .gsm file with music to Yeastar IPPBX and set the on-hold music for your business.

Speed Dial

A short number that allows fast dialing of frequently used numbers. You can place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys without having to look up his/her phone number.

Funcionalidades para Negocios


Numbers in the blacklist will be blocked to call in, or called, or both. Learn more.

Call Monitor

Call monitoring involves a certain privileged user (e.g. a supervisor) tapping into a phone to monitor other extensions allowing being monitored. Yeastar IP-PBX has three monitoring mode:
Listen – you can only listen to the call but can’t talk.
Whisper – you can listen to and talk with the monitored extension without being heard by the other party.
Barge-in – you can talk with both parties.

Call Recording

Yeastar IP-PBX supports call recording feature to record every phone conversation and store call recording files in  external storage (e.g.. USB, TF, SD, HDD). And it is free without charge in S-Series VoIP PBX. Learn more.

Custom Prompts

Voice prompt can be used in various circumstances to provide better calling experience. Besides the system default prompt, you can upload your own voice prompt to make it more suitable for your business. With Yeastar IP-PBX, you can also record your voice prompt with your internal extension. Learn more.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

An external caller can access internal PBX features on certain CO lines by keying in a special code.
The PBX answers the incoming call with dial tone, and the caller enters the access code (if required) and destination extension number or routing code.

Distinctive Ringtone

Multiple incoming phone numbers can each be assigned with its own distinctive ringtone.

DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)

Change the name of an incoming call. You can change the name of a specific trunk incoming call to specify which trunk the call comes in just from the name displayed.

Gateway Provisioning

S-Series PBX allows quick and automatic configuration of the Yeastar TA Series FXS VoIP Gateways, including TA100, TA200, TA400, TA800, TA1600, TA2400, and TA3200. Gateway Provision is an easy and time-saving way to configure FXS extensions.

Intercom/Zone Intercom

Intercom is a feature that allows you to make an announcement to one extension or a group of extensions via a phone speaker. The called party does not need to pick up the handset. It can be achieved by pressing the feature code on your phone and it is a two-way audio call.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

A phone system application that prompts callers with recorded messages and options and processes voice input and/or touch-phone keypad selections from these menus. The IVR function responds to these inputs by providing appropriate information in the form of voice response or provides a connection to a “live” operator.

Linkus Mobile Client

Linkus Mobile Client gives mobile functionality to S-Series VoIP PBX telephone systems. When Linkus is registered to a S-Series IP-PBX, users can use Android and Apple mobile phones just like a regular office deskphone extension. Linkus delivers efficiency, cost savings, and integrated access to corporate phone features. Learn more.

Mobility Extension

Allows you to use your own mobile phone as an extension. If you enable this setting, then when the user’s mobile number dials into the system, the phone will have the same user permission as the desktop extension. So the mobile number will be able to connect with the other extension, dial out with the PBX’s trunk, and play voicemail.

One Touch Recording

S-Series PBX allows users to simply dial the feature code on extension keypad and activate the recording feature. The default feature code is *1, which is used to start or stop call recording.

Paging/Zone Paging

Paging is used to make an announcement over the speakerphone to a phone or group of phones. Targeted phones will not ring, but instead answer immediately into speakerphone mode. Paging is typically one way for announcements only, but you can set the paging group as a duplex mode to allow all users in the group to talk and be heard by all.

Phone Provisioning

IP Phones Auto provision allows IP-PBX to configure IP phones in bulk, which brings convenience and tremendous time-savings to installers.  With the phone’s MAC detected, you can assign all user information to the phones on Yeastar IP-PBX’s Web configuration panel. Yeastar IP-PBX supports auto provisioning of phones from Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, snom, Panasonic, Avaya, Alcatel, Mitel, VTech, Grandstream, Fanvil, Escene, and Htek. Learn more.

PIN List

PIN List is used to manage lists of PINs (numerical passwords) that can be used to access restricted features such as outbound routes. The PIN can also be presented in the CDR record.

Skype Integration

Skype Connect account can be integrated with Yeastar IP-PBX as a SIP trunk. By adding Skype Connect, your business could save on your communication costs with little or no additional upgrades required. Learn more.


Numbers in the whitelist are allowed to call in/called or both regardless of the Time Condition settings. The priority of whitelist is higher than blacklist. Learn more.

App Center

Auto Provisioning App

Auto Provisioning is used to provision IP phones in bulk, including all user information, local phone book, firmware, and so on. Auto Provision is an easy and time-saving way to configure IP phones. Learn more.

Billing App

Billing App can efficiently monitor the calls and keep records of each call received/transferred by S-Series PBX. Use the Billing App to allocate call credit and top up extensions, and conduct call analysis on the basis of statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid payments are supported. Learn more.

char utile h+ Integration App

This integration provides the interface to connect char utile h+, the PMS middleware, which realises the billing, wakeup-call feature engaged with Hotel PMS. As a result, the Hotel PMS and S-Series VoIP PBX are interconnected. And you could also configure wake-up call, and decide whether an extension is a room or office extension on the PBX configuration panel. Learn more.

Conference Panel App

Conference Panel is a visual control panel for your conference calls. You can batch invite people with the dial-out feature in the panel or use your telephone. You can also save all the attendees contact information to the “Contact Group” so you can reuse it next time.

Hotel App

Hotel App empowers Yeastar S-Series users to intuitively manage the booking and check-in and check-out of guests, check status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports, and more daily operational tasks in hotels and other hospitality environments. Improve business productivity and enhance guest experience with the powerful and affordable Hotel App. Learn more.

LDAP Server App

LDAP Server provides centralized phone book management, which makes phone book management easy, feature rich and even automated. Once LDAP is set up, you can search the LDAP directory and look up contacts on your IP phone. Learn more.

QueueMetrics Live Integration App

QueueMetrics Live Integration provides the interface to connect the device and QueueMetrics Live. QueueMetrics Live is a cloud-based call center suite for Asterisk telephony system. The integration helps you to easily generate the report of the queue daily, weekly and monthly. What is more, QueueMetrics Live is also a call center control platform, including the features like hot-desking, agent log in and log out, real-time monitor the queue, and spy the call.

VPN Server App

The VPN Server application on S-Series PBX will help you configure the PBX as a VPN server. You can set up multiple VPN clients to access the server safely and securely. Learn more.



Protect your system from any internet attack. You can add firewall rules and customize the details(action, protocol, mac address, port, etc.) on the control panel.

IP Blacklist

A list of IP addresses, which are not able to reach the PBX for a previously set period of time. You can only check the blacklist here. If you want to add a new IP address into the blacklist, go to the firewall panel.

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